The web is for everybody.

Accessibility is for everybody.

Making things accessible helps people who…

  • Have problems seeing or hearing
  • Move slowly or with difficulty
  • Are tired, anxious, sick, or just distracted
  • Are in a hurry
  • Have their hands full
  • Are humans
  • (It also helps robots – like screen readers and search engines 🤖)

The web is for everybody

  • We all use it
  • Some of us create web pages
  • ALL of us use digital tools to communicate:
    • Email
    • Social media and chat
    • Documents, spreadsheets and presentations

You can make the web accessible!

This page is an example.

Structure your content for easy scanning

  • Use headings to show hierarchy of information
  • Use bulleted lists
  • Edit! Break up long blocks of text
  • Use link text that makes sense on its own, without having to read the text around it

Help people take action

  • Use clear and descriptive link text. Use text that describes where the link goes. “Click here” ain’t it!
    • This helps people who:
      • are using screen readers
      • are distracted or confused
      • are in a hurry
  • Make links or buttons easy targets. If you want someone to interact with a link or a button – make the button big enough for someone to tap easily and quickly
    • This helps people who:
      • have mobility constraints
      • are in a hurry

Flashing content and animations

  • Please avoid flashing content! Think twice before you post that concert video with strobe lights.
  • Sudden or unexpected movement or flashing can be disorienting (or harmful!) to many folks.

Text colors and sizes

  • Make sure the text color is different enough from the background color that it can be read easily
  • Larger text saves eyes! Use fonts no smaller than 16 pt

But wait! There’s more.

Resources abound for your accessibility journey.